Consumer Finance Company

Funding America's Business & Consumer Purchases!

Consumer Finance Company is a full-service consumer finance firm offering Prime and Sub-Prime consumer finance solutions that’s based in Albuquerque, New Mexico with satellite offices in Long Beach CA, Tacoma WA, Grand Rapids MI, New York NY and Miami FL.

We provide our merchant clients with first-rate consumer finance options of all varieties. Our funding programs (both Prime and Sub-Prime) are in-depth, comprehensive and detail-oriented. They can cater to businesses of all varieties as well. We work with businesses that are seasoned. We work with businesses that are totally new to the scene, too. 

Consumer Finance Company collaborates with a large selection of lending partners. 

If you’re looking to secure consumer financing for your customers from a company that values innovative technology and leading customer service, you can believe in Consumer Finance Company 100 percent.

We Specialize in Sub-Prime Consumer Financing
This is the primary problem facing every merchant.  It's easy to set up consumer financing for your "A" credit customers - the ones with the 700 credit scores.   The problem is that you need consumer financing for your sub-prime customers - the people who have 550 scores.   And there are a lot of Americans in that category. If you are in an industry that has emergency situations, this is absolutely mandatory.  Your customers have sub-prime credit scores.  You need a consumer financing specialist who handles sub-prime every day.  We are your solution.

If your business is heating/air conditioning, winter or summer, you have potential customers with an emergency.  Their credit is not so good and they need consumer financing.  They need financing and you want the sale.  You want to be able to make that sale, do that job and get paid immediately.  You can't afford to wait for payments.  These extra sales which can come to you every month, are dependent upon your having a good financing partner. 

Remember that you can be the best roofer, plumber, heating expert...  but your services have to be paid for.  You need customer financing - we supply customer financing and we do it quickly.

Get your business set up with our customer financing system now so you'll be ready when the customer is there. Many merchants find that when they include the fact that they do customer financing in their advertising, their calls increase dramatically.  People don't like to ask if they can finance the job, but rather they like to hear in your presentation that you offer customer financing.

Businesses in the world of automotive have the same realities.  Flat tires, transmission problems, brake systems and engine knocks are all a disaster to some guy who has to get to work tomorrow.  That's his emergency and your opportunity.  The solution to the problem is your being able to offer customer financing.  You do the work, we pay you, we wait to get paid, and you're on to the next project.  It's a win-win situation for everybody!